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Morgane Seradieu, Investors Relations
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Thorben Rothe, Partner - Venture @IRIS
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Anaïs Monlong, Principal - Venture @IRIS
Anaïs Monlong, Principal - Venture @IRIS
Anaïs Monlong
Principal - Venture
Software, Infrastructure, Proptech, Health, Engineering, Legal

Anaïs joined IRIS in 2023. As Venture Principal in the early-stage team, she’s in charge of identifying and investing in ambitious French start-ups, with a specific interest in developer and data tools, automation, industry, and proptech.

Before joining the team, Anaïs worked at Axa Venture Partners, where she invested and acted as Board Observer for Unlatch (FR), AxonIQ (NL), Tracktor (FR), and Geomiq (UK). In addition to investing, Anaïs also acted as Python developer for the team, in charge of data tools.

Previously, she spent three years at HSBC with the M&A teams in Paris and Sydney, covering French and Australian clients, and later on, Media and Technology clients across Europe. Before HSBC, Anaïs honed her skills at Barclays, BNP Paribas, and Dassault Systemes, in strategic and financial advisory roles.

Anaïs graduated magna cum laude from Sciences Po Paris (France), where she earned her master’s degree in Finance and Strategy. She also studied at Korea University (South Korea).

Software, Infrastructure, Proptech, Health, Engineering, Legal