IRIS Venture & IRIS Growth

IRIS is a venture capital firm that funds game changing innovators and disruptors in the tech space.

From Seed and Series A to Late-stage and Growth, we offer the financial resources, global network, and special guidance to ensure the next step you take for your business is the right one.

Whether you have a good idea you want to get off the ground or a more established organization looking to expand and scale, we will get you where you want to go.

At IRIS, we know good tech when we see it, and we believe that the people behind it can change the world.


IRIS developed a bilateral approach to tackle ESG topics. As a management company, we honor our environmental, social, and governance-related commitments. As investors, we include ESG in our investment decisions, working in compliance with our Responsible Investment charter.


For many, the future starts tomorrow.
For us, it starts with you.
We fund history in the making,
Bridging the gap between your vision
And a lasting global reality.
When it comes to ideas, the bigger the better.
If you are ahead of your time, you are right on time.
At Iris, we know good tech when we see it.
So, you focus on changing the world,
And we'll take care of how the world sees you.
From seed to scale and beyond,
We're on your side and by your side
Every step of the way.

IRIS, what’s next