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Curt Gunsenheimer, Managing Partner @IRIS
Curt Gunsenheimer
Managing Partner
ArangoDB, Jedox, Jobvalley, Kyriba, Neocase, Scality

Curt Gunsenheimer joined IRIS in 2002 as Partner. He became Managing Partner in 2019 and is responsible for our late-stage and growth investments across Europe and beyond.

Curt brings 30 years of experience in finance and tech growth investment to the team, with a focus on software -more specifically, infrastructure & enterprise software, SaaS, and fintech.

Prior to joining IRIS, Curt worked at Goldman Sachs and Robertson Stephens where he focused on software and technology investments. Based between London and San Francisco, he has helmed and participated in a number of pioneering tech IPOs across Europe and the USA, including cross-border M&A transactions. Curt also worked at MIT on its entrepreneurship and technology spin-out programs.

Companies he previously backed include Talend, Human Inference, SmartTrade Technologies, DataDirect Networks, Xcalia, VoxMobili, Oodrive, Alyotech, Genesys Conferencing, and EVS Broadcast Equipment. Investments in other sectors include, Varioptic, and QSC AG.

Curt holds a master’s degree in Business from the ESSEC School of Management (Paris, France) and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston, USA).

ArangoDB, Jedox, Jobvalley, Kyriba, Neocase, Scality