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Gil Doukhan
Partner - Venture
Adomik, Agorize, Cohort, Kovalee, Quantifind, Yodo1, Youscribe, Yubo, Zeotap, Zeta

Gil joined the team in 2013. He focuses on seed and early-stage investments in France and the USA, bringing with him a strong expertise in marketing, digital platforms, entertainment, Web3, and consumer business.

Prior to joining IRIS, Gil was an Account Director at Marcel - Publicis Groupe, where he oversaw the digital communications strategy for international accounts in banking, mass-market retail, FMCG, car manufacturing, and luxury. He and his team have won several local and global awards from such esteemed industry institutions as the Cannes Lions, the FWA awards, and Les Grand Prix Stratégies.

Gil created two start-ups in e-commerce and content marketing, giving him a key, insider's view of what lies ahead for entrepreneurs who are on the path to creating and growing their businesses.

He teaches entrepreneurship courses at ESCP-Europe and is a lecturer at Sciences Po Paris & HEC on startup-related topics.

Companies he previously supported include Adot, The Adex, Adjust, Scibids.

He graduated from ESCP-Europe (France) and holds a master’s degree in Project Management from the Institute of Internet and Multimedia (France).

Adomik, Agorize, Cohort, Kovalee, Quantifind, Yodo1, Youscribe, Yubo, Zeotap, Zeta