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Julien-David Nitlech
Managing Partner
Armis, Escape, Exotec, Lookout, SDO, Shift, Spinergie, Virtuo

Julien-David joined IRIS as Principal in 2013. He became Partner in 2016 and Managing Partner in 2019. He is mainly responsible for our early-stage investments in France and Germany, with a focused interest in AI, deep tech, and industry 4.0.

Prior to joining the team, he launched and grew the European activities of Apperian, an American start-up that develops and markets a cloud-based mobile application management platform.

Julien-David has extensive experience in tech and telecoms. He started his career in the United States, leading business development for Orange, the French telecommunications company. He went on to lead the negotiations for the strategic partnerships between Orange and key network vendors before helming the company’s portfolio of fixed and mobile devices for B2C and B2B markets worldwide, contributing to the establishment of BuyIn, Orange and Deutsche Telecom’s joint venture.

Companies he previously backed include LeanIX, Mailjet, Monk, Staffbase.

Julien-David holds a master’s degree in Digital Telecommunications, Fluid Dynamics and Electronic from the École Polytechnique (Paris, France) and a master’s degree in Computer science from Telecom ParisTech (Paris, France).

Armis, Escape, Exotec, Lookout, SDO, Shift, Spinergie, Virtuo